Monday, January 26, 2009

Superman Uni-Formz Vinyl Figures

The Blot had been waiting for DC Direct to announce the second DC Comics character to join their new line of limited edition Uni-Formz vinyl action figures for a while now, and to no one’s surprise it was unveiled to be the Man of Steel himself, Superman! The common figure in this second Uni-Formz three figure set is the Classic Superman vinyl figure, while it’s rarer variant colorways are the villainous Cyborg Superman and the Kryptonian Life-Suit Superman.

DC Direct - Classic Superman Uni-Formz Vinyl Action Figure
DC Direct - Kryptonian Life-Suit Superman Uni-Formz Vinyl Action FigureI am more than a little disappointed in the Kryptonian Life-Suite Superman colorway because it is so unoriginal. I am not sure when it happened, but ever since Superman returned to life in his Kryptonian Life-Suite it has been considered a “second costume” for any Superman action figures released. It must sell really well because they keep using it over and over, and I hate it! The Cyborg Superman makes sense because it fits with the previously released Armored Batman, but isn’t Cyborg Superman really more of a Green Lantern villain at this point than a Superman Villain? I would have preferred a Bizarro Superman variant figure or a Red Sun Superman colorway to either of these two figures being produced.

DC Direct - Cyborg Superman Uni-Formz Vinyl Action Figure
The limited-edition Superman Uni-Formz vinyl figures feature 12 points of articulation, stands approximately 8 inches tall, are packaged in a deluxe 4-color window box and will retail for around $60 each. The Superman Uni-Formz figures will go on sale in early September, 2009.
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