Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Unusuals on ABC

So last night The Blot watched the third and fourth episodes of ABC’s new drama The Unusuals. I have no idea how it’s doing in the ratings, but I can honestly say it is probably my favorite new show on television (sorry Dollhouse!). It’s strange, because when promos for The Unusuals first started airing on ABC a few months ago I couldn’t decide if I wanted to give it a shot. I don’t usually like cop shows (besides FX’s The Shield of course) and it stars The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ Amber Tamblyn, both significant reasons for me not to watch. But then I read a few positive reviews and figured what the heck let’s try it out.

The Unusuals Season 1 Television Poster
The Unusuals - Harold Perrineau as Det. Leo Banks, Adam Goldberg as Det. Eric Delahoy & Monique Gabriela Curnen as Det. Allison BeaumontI missed the original airing of the first episode, so I headed to to watch the free replay online. I can’t lie, I was more than a little shocked to realize I actually liked the show! It definitely had a few ridiculous moments, but I thought the stories were interesting and I absolutely loved the motley crew of quirky characters that make up New York’s 2nd precinct. Without a doubt the best part of the show is the interplay between Adam Goldberg’s character Detective Eric Delahoy and his partner Detective Leo Banks, portrayed by Harold Perrineau (one of my favorite television actors of the last 10 years). What’s not to love about watching the Hebrew Hammer and Lost’s Michael Dawson patrol the streets of New York? Plus it’s cool to see two of my favorite actors from Oz, Perrineau and Terry Kinney, share screen time together again.

The Unusuals Season 1 Cast Photo
The Unusuals is definitely not your average police procedural, and if you give it a shot I am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as The Blot has! The Unusuals airs every Wednesday night on ABC directly following Lost at 10/9c.
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