Friday, September 25, 2009

Lift Exclusive Doktor A. Mad’l Vinyl Figure Teaser Image

I’ve gotta tell ya, The Blot’s been jonesing for a new production Mad’l from MAD for a while now. And while rumors have been swirling about a Lift exclusive Mad’l from British designer Doktor A. for a few weeks, The Blot’s been waiting for confirmation before announcing the exciting news. Thankfully Lift has finally spilled the beans and announced it will be debuting “an exclusive new limited edition toy you would be MAD to miss” at its upcoming exhibition “Freak Mechanique” by Doktor A!

Freak Mechanique Exhibition - Lift Exclusive Doktor A. Mad’l Vinyl Figure Teaser Image
All we know for sure is the Doktor A. Mad’l’s head will probably look like the logo at the bottom of the poster above, and that little image is enough of a teaser for me to get really excited about this upcoming Mad’l release! There’s been no word yet on the figure’s price and run size, or if MAD and/or Dok A will be at the show’s opening reception. Hopefully more details will leak soon.

“Freak Mechanique,” Doktor A.’s largest solo exhibition to date, opens Saturday, November 14th at Lift in Detroit, Michigan with an opening reception from 7-11pm. “Freak Mechanique” runs from November 14th through December 9th, so if you live in the Detroit area or are within driving distance, be sure to make your plans now to see what is sure to be an amazing show!
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