Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost Season 6 Screen Print #3 - The Black Rock by Daniel Danger

The third print in the new LOST Season 6 screen print series by Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear is “The Black Rock” by Daniel Danger. “The Black Rock” is also the first print in the LOST ARG Screen Print Series II to sell out in its first day of release (in less 2 hours to be exact). I think that says a lot about Danger’s popularity and the overall beauty of this print. The quote at the bottom of DD’s print reads “…today is the first time I’ve ever come back,” and I believe the figure in the bottom left hand corner is supposed to be Richard Alpert (you can just make out the strap of his trademark messenger bag in the picture below).

Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear Lost Season 6 Screen Print #3 - The Black Rock by Daniel Danger
(click on the photo above for a more detailed look)

The Black Rock” by Daniel Danger is an 18”x24” screen print, comes hand signed and numbered by the artist, and has a limited edition run size of 500 prints. You could have purchased this print directly from Damon Carlton and a Polar Bear’s online store for $50 each before it sold out.

In celebration of Lost's series finale, and to bring finality to the LOST ARG poster series, eight top designers and artists, who are also fans of the show, were commissioned to create artwork celebrating top moments from the 6th and final season. Four artists you may recognize and four new artists to DCaaPB screen print campaign, created all new labor intensive, hand-pulled screen prints in celebration of the end of LOST. Each screen print has a limited edition of just 550 prints, with 500 available to the public through DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com.
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