Friday, August 20, 2010

Mondo Star Wars Screen Print Series #4 - Hoth by Dan McCarthy

The fourth screen print in the Mondo Star Wars Screen Print Series was unveiled yesterday and it is entitled “Hoth” by Dan McCarthy! McCarthy is a huge name in the world of screenprints and his landscapes are always breathtaking, so I would expect the combination of a McCarthy print with Star Wars to mean a super fast sellout.

Mondo Star Wars Screen Print Series #4 - Hoth by Dan McCarthy
(click on the photo above for a more detailed look)

And if you’re wondering how we know this beautiful snowy landscape really is the icy planet of Hoth, you can see a viper probe droid in the foreground, sent by the Empire to search for the Rebellion’s secret Echo Base (as seen in The Empire Strikes Back). The Blot loves Star Wars, but what’s really cool about this print is that it could be hung on your wall and most people would not necessarily know it was Star Wars related. Sometimes that’s a good thing when your significant other isn’t in to sci-fi.

“Hoth” by Dan McCarthy is a hand numbered 12″x36″ screen print with a limited edition run size of 475. Each print retails for $50 and can be purchased directly from Mondo Tees at a random time today, Friday, August 20th, here.
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