Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Custom Bacon Mad’l Roast (Crispy Version) by Sket-One

Custom Bacon Roast (Crispy Version) Mad’l Banner by Sket-One
Who’s ready for a luau!?! This Friday Sket One takes his Wizard Sleeve Toys Exclusive Bacon Mad'l to the next level with a set of Custom Bacon Roast (Crispy Version) Mad’ls. I’m sure Sket will be cooking these Mad’ls to perfection, and he’s even placed an apple in their mouths to give them just the right look!

Custom Bacon Mad’l Roast (Crispy Version) by Sket-One
The 5" Bacon Madl Roast Custom (Crispy Version) by Sket One will go on sale this Friday, September 24th, at 2pm EST in Sket’s online store. Each custom figure will come signed and numbered by the artist. The run size and price of these figures is currently unknown, but you can expect them to sell out quickly…so get those F5 keys ready.
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