Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kabuki Custom Marshall Vinyl Figures by Zam

Zam is the creator behind the newest custom figure in Tenacious Toys’ upcoming Custom Marshall Blind Box Series! Not only does Zam run Genuine Artikle on Long Island, NY, but he’s also a killer tattoo artist and an accomplished toy customizer. His Kabuki inspired custom figures look awesome, and I especailly like the way he transformed each Marshall's head. From the few pics I’ve seen the paintjobs look extremely tight! Zam created 4 custom Marshalls for Tenacious Toys’ upcoming Custom Series, including one secret variant.

Tenacious Toys Marshall Blind Box Custom Series - Kabuki Custom Marshall Vinyl Figure by ZAM
The Tenacious Toys Marshall Blind Box Custom Series will retail for $50 each and features the artwork of Mike "Nemo" Mendez, Brent Nolasco, OsirisOrion, Ian Ziobrowski, Den Ramos, LYS0L, Rolo, Bryan Collins, Phetus, John "Spanky" Stokes, Leecifer, Steve "Sketchbot" Talkowski and ZAM. The Marshall figures, which look like little marshmallows that have sprouted arms and legs, were originally designed by 64Colors and produced by Rotofugi.
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