Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skeleton Custom Marshall Vinyl Figures by Leecifer

The amazing custom in Tenacious Toys’ upcoming Custom Marshall Blind Box Series is by California artist Leecifer. The Blot’s a huge fan of Lee’s work, especially his many Batman and pop culture inspired custom figures (definitely check out his awesome hand painted Super7 Mummy Boys!). If you’ve never seen Leecifer’s work, then I definitely suggest checking out his art at Flickr here. Leecifer contributed four Skeleton Marshalls to Tenacious Toys’ Marshall Custom Series, three like the figure you see below and one mystery color variant.

Tenacious Toys Marshall Blind Box Custom Series - Skeleton Custom Marshall Vinyl Figure by Leecifer
The Tenacious Toys Marshall Blind Box Custom Series will retail for $50 each and features the artwork of Mike "Nemo" Mendez, Brent Nolasco, OsirisOrion, Ian Ziobrowski, Den Ramos, LYS0L, Rolo, Bryan Collins, Phetus, John "Spanky" Stokes, Leecifer, Steve "Sketchbot" Talkowski and ZAM. The Marshall figures, which look like little marshmallows that have sprouted arms and legs, were originally designed by 64Colors and produced by Rotofugi.
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