Tuesday, December 18, 2012

chiBOO DIY Resin Figure by Toro Toys

chiBOO Do It Yourself Resin Figures by Toro Toys

Toro Toys just realized a new 1 inch “do it yourself” resin figure named chiBOO! The Blot’s not usually into “platform toys,” but this guy is a little too cute to ignore! chiBOO are spirits from beyond our world…lost souls if you will. But if they’re lost why are they smiling you ask? Because they’re glad to meet you! Give them a home and they will be your friends forever.

Cast in durable solid white resin this release is intended for designer artists and customizers who want to make their own special chiBOO figures. New colorways and designs will be coming soon! Pick one up today for just $5 from the Toro Toys online store.
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