Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Candy Corn Sickling Resin Figure by Yosiell Lorenzo

Candy Corn Sickling Resin Figure & Green Tone Sickling Pin by Yosiell Lorenzo

Yosiell Lorenzo’s popular Sicklings are back and better than ever!!! While Halloween might be over, it’s always a good time for candy corn and I think Yosiell’s Sicklings would agree. These creepy, yet cute, little monsters will definitely make the perfect sweet addition to anyone’s collection. Each Candy Corn Sickling is made from hand cast resin, and comes with a burlap sack for warmth and a candy corn treat for snacking. Each figure stands 4.5” tall and comes signed and numbered by the artist. But act fast, because only 12 Candy Corn Sicklings have been created. Pick one up today at Yosiell’s online store for $125 each.

The Sickling Resin Art Pins you see above is also available through Yosiell’s online store. This is an open edition release, and the Green Tone Sickling Pin are available now (until the colorway is retired forever) for just $25 shipped.
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