Friday, December 14, 2012

Gread 2012 Holiday Ornaments by Dead Hand Toys

Gread 2012 Holiday Ornaments by Dead Hand Toys - Green & Red Colorways

For the second consecutive year Dead Hand Toys is producing a pretty cool ornament for the holidays! The 2012 Christmas Ornament is Dead Hand Toys’ first figure, the Gread! Cast in resin and foam, these are super light weight and perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree or holiday bush (even more so than last year’s ornament). Each Gread Ornament comes painted in metallic colors and layered with glitter. But don't worry, there's at least three layers of clear on each Gread Ornament so the glitter shouldn't be going anywhere.

The 2012 Gread Christmas Ornament by Dead Hand Toys will be available in four metallic colorways: red, green, silver and gold. These go on sale at the Dead Hand Toys online store today, Friday, December 14th, at 5pm EST and will be available through Sunday, December 16th. Each ornament will retail for $15, but if you buy a set of all four they’re just $50 (that’s $10 off!).
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