Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby Series by Hot Toys

Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby Series by Hot Toys - Randall, Diver Mike, Boo, Sulley, Mike & Monster Boo Vinyl Figures

This weekend Monsters, Inc. will be rereleased in theaters, this time in 3D! So what better time to cover Hot Toys’ newest Cosbaby Series featuring characters from the hit Disney/Pixar movie. The Blot’s a little embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen Monsters, Inc., even though everyone seems to love it and many claim it as their favorite Pixar animated film. If only it wasn’t in 3D this time around or I might go see it in the theaters.

The Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby Series by Hot Toys includes six figures in all: Boo, Monster Boo, Sulley, Mike, Diver Mike, and Randall. Each Cosbaby vinyl figure stands 3” tall, includes multiple points of articulation and features your favorite movie characters in baby form. Expect this Hot Toys x Disney collaboration in stores everywhere early 2013.
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