Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DC Comics Worlds’ Finest New 52 Action Figure 2 Pack - Power Girl & Huntress

DC Comics Worlds’ Finest New 52 Action Figures - Power Girl & Huntress

While The Blot’s completely over DC Comics’ New 52 reboot, I’m impressed DC Collectibles continues to release waves of New 52 action figures based on current comic book series. I just want to know why it took DC Comics erasing 75 years of continuity to start doing it? For DC Collectibles newest wave of New 52 action figures they’ve turned their attention to one of DC’s only female led books, Worlds’ Finest! The book stars Power Girl and Huntress, two heroes stranded in the main DC Universe while separated from their friends and families on Earth 2. The Blot’s always been a huge Huntress fan, and how can you not love Power Girl!?! I’m just glad they didn’t go with PG’s terrible original New 52 costume from the series’ first few issues for this release.

The DC Comics Worlds’ Finest New 52 action figure 2 pack includes Power Girl and Huntress action figures. Each figure stands 6.75” tall, feature a ton of articulation, and will hit store shelves as a 2 piece set in July 2014. You can pre-order this beautiful Worlds' Finest 2 pack from Entertainment Earth for $39.99 here.
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