Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lost Wednesdays

For those of you that haven’t heard yet, it sounds like there will be a break between the Lost episodes already filmed and the additional 5 episodes currently in the works. Not only that, but it is being reported that this segment of episodes will end with Episode 7 instead of Episode 8 because evidently Episode 7 has a better ending point to the current story line. We will then pick up with Episode 8 once ABC launches its spring season of scripted shows.

Another big announcement coming out of ABC is that it looks like Lost will not be returning to Wednesday nights once ABC’s full schedule of shows resumes sometime in late March. Instead, Lost will continue to air new episodes on Thursdays, giving ABC a most formidable lineup on the all important night. As of now Thursdays on ABC will start off with Ugly Betty at 8/7 central, Grey’s Anatomy at 9/8 central and end the night with Lost at 10/9 central. This is a huge coup for Lost being placed in the highly coveted post-Grey’s time slot, allowing for a larger lead-in audience (even though many die-hard Lost fans will be annoyed with such a late starting time). Lost has proven to have a large dedicated fan base, but with this new time slot the show is being given the opportunity to grow its viewership. A viewership I might add that has gone down in size dramatically since its first season (due in part to viewer backlash to the show’s second season).

And lastly, according to TV Squad’s Lost Audio Podcast Recap Co-Executive Producer Damon Lindelof stated in the official Lost podcast that this week’s episode “Eggtown” “has a ‘killer ending.’” (link) So make sure your DVRs are set and come back to The Blot Says… on Friday for a full discussion of the episode.

Jeff Fahey as Pilot Frank LapidusThe TV Squad article also shed some light on two other spoiler-esque subjects making their way around the net so read on at your own discretion. The first being that “Jeff Fahey’s guest star status is not necessarily an indication that his character is in danger of being killed.” (link) That’s great news as I’ve really enjoyed pilot Frank these past few weeks, especially since it seems like he is the only character to talk straightforwardly to the Losties about what is really going on. I assume from his guest star status that in future episodes Frank will be spending more time on the freighter than on the island.

Sayid, Charlotte and Frank
The second topic isn’t as much of a spoiler, but the Lost podcast does confirm the connection between Charlotte and The Chronicles of Narnia author C.S. Lewis was intentional. For those of you that didn’t catch the C.S. Lewis reference in “Confirmed Dead,” you didn’t miss much. In the episode Ben referred to Charlotte by her full name, Charlotte Staples Lewis, proving he knew who she was and did in fact have a spy on her boat. To many viewers her name was eerily similar to C.S. Lewis’ name, Clive Staples Lewis, which we now know was the whole point.
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