Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meaty Claus & Christmas Meat Gnome Resin Figures by Motorbot

Meaty Claus & Christmas Meat Gnome Resin Figures by Motorbot - Meaty Claus, Unpainted Red Meaty Claus, Clearly It's Meaty Claus, Christmas Gnome & Mystery Meat Gnomes

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for Motorbot’s popular monster Meathead to get all dressed up for the holidays. This year he’s decided to get into the Christmas spirit by donning Jolly Old Saint Nick’s red coat and hat and turning into Meaty Claus! But you can’t have Santa without some elves, so Motorbot has also created a handful of Christmas Meat Gnomes to help Meaty Claus deliver coal to all the bad little boys and girls around the world.

What’s cool about this release is how many different colorways Motorbot has produced of each figure for their inaugural release. Meaty Claus is available in an OG Santa Clause colorway, an unpainted Red Meaty Clause and The Blot’s favorite the unpainted clear Clearly it’s Meaty Claus colorway. The Christmas Meaty Gnome comes cast in clear resin with red and green glitter, and there is also a blind bagged Mystery Meat Gnome option that will be made to order and no two will be alike! All of the handmade resin figures seen here stand 4” tall and retail for just $20 at the Deadbear Studios online store (while supplies last).
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