Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kidrobot x Marvel Wolverine & Venom Labbit T-Shirts by Frank Kozik

Kidrobot x Marvel Wolverine Labbit T-Shirt by Frank Kozik

This past week Kidrobot continued its epic line of Marvel Comics Labbits with the release of two new 7” vinyl figures and a new blind box mini figure series. The designs of these Marvel Labbit figures continue to impress! If like The Blot you’re loving these Marvel Labbits then you’ll also dig these new Wolverine and Venom Labbit t-shirts designed by Frank Kozik. Why just add these mischievous Labbit heroes and villains to your designer toy collection when you can also add them to your closet!

Kidrobot x Marvel Venom Labbit T-Shirt by Frank Kozik

The Kidrobot x Marvel Wolverine and Venom Labbit T-Shirts by Frank Kozik come in sizes S-XXL and are currently available for purchase at Kidrobot’s online store for just $15 (which is a crazy low price for a KR tee these days).
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