Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lolgolth Gnazgoroth Vinyl Figure by Skinner

Blank Red Lolgolth Gnazgoroth Vinyl Figure by Skinner

Is it just The Blot or has Skinner just completely taken over the toy game in 2014!?! It feels like every other month the California artist is releasing another epic figure! Meet Lolgolth Gnazgoroth, the head that holds the horror, the illuminated one, he who knows the truth of the parallel realm. Is this figure just flat out bonkers or what? I have no idea how Unbox Industries is able to produce a 12” toy like this with so much mind splitting details.

Blank Black Lolgolth Gnazgoroth Vinyl Figure by Skinner

The long awaited first release in the new Skinnerverse x Unbox vinyl figure collection is now available for pre-order exclusively at the Unbox Industries online store. Each Lolgolth Gnazgoroth is meticulously detailed and painstakingly hand finished. This insane figure is currently available in two limited edition unpainted colorways, red and black. Both versions are a timed release (meaning all pre-orders will be fulfilled) and retail for $125. But be sure to get your order in by December 29th because after that these two colorways will be gone forever.
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