Friday, December 5, 2014

Twin Peaks Painting and Print Series by Mike Egan

Twin Peaks Painting and Print Series by Mike Egan - Agent Dale Cooper

As a huge Twin Peaks fan, The Blot loves how much attention this iconic ‘90s television series has been getting lately! First the series finally gets released on bluray, and then creators David Lynch and Mark Frost announced the series will return in 2016 for a 9 episode limited series on Showtime. To commemorate the supernatural drama’s return to prominence, artist Mike Egan has created an amazing painting series featuring many of the show’s most interesting (and quirky) characters.

Twin Peaks Painting and Print Series by Mike Egan - The Man from Another Place, The Giant, The Log Lady, Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, Gordon Cole & Nadine Hurley

Egan’s Twin Peaks series includes 9”x9” acrylic on wood panel paintings of Agent Dale Cooper, Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, The Log Lady, Nadine Hurley, The Giant, Gordon Cole, and The Man from Another Place. Each of these awesome paintings retails for just $200. While most are now sold out, a few are still available! Twin Peaks fans should definitely head over to Mike Egan’s online store ASAP to add one of these one of a kind paintings to your art collection.

Mike has also released each painting as a limited edition giclee print. Each signed and numbered print features a different Twin Peaks character, measures 7”x7” and is limited to just 10 pieces. These Twin Peaks prints retail for $30 individually, or you can purchase a complete set of 7 prints for $200.
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