Friday, February 20, 2015

Firefly Legacy Collection 6” Action Figure Series 1 by Funko

Firefly Legacy Collection Series 1 Action Figures - Malcolm Reynolds

While Funko’s Legacy Collection 6” action figures look really nice, except for Game of Thrones The Blot’s been pretty underwhelmed by the properties Funko has chosen for the toy line. That all changed last weekend when Funko unveiled their new line of Firefly Legacy Collection action figures at Toy Fair 2015! I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity universe, and am so excited to see Captain Mal and the crew of the Serenity finally get released as highly articulated 6” scale action figures. Firefly Legacy Collection Action Figure Series 1 includes Malcolm Reynolds, Jayne Cobb, Zoe Washburne, Hoban Washburne and Kaylee Frye.

Firefly Legacy Collection Series 1 Action Figures - Jayne Cobb, Zoe Washburne, Hoban Washburne & Kaylee Frye

Each Firefly Legacy Collection action figure stands 6-6.5” tall, features 20+ points of articulation, and includes character specific removable accessories all packaged in a full color window box. While these awesome Television accurate figures are not expected to hit store shelves until May 2015, you can pre-order the entire Firefly wave from Entertainment Earth for $19.99 each here.
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