Tuesday, June 9, 2015

“Batman” DC Comics Screen Prints by Tom Whalen

Batman: The Animated Series DC Comics Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Later today Mondo will be releasing the second batch of prints from Tom Whalen’s fantastic solo show, Pulp Menagerie! Along with some awesome posters for Daredevil, Back to the Future and Godzilla, Mondo will also be releasing these amazing Batman screen prints based on the popular DC Comics character! You can really see the love Whalen has for comics in all of the amazing details he put into this show’s comic book themed designs.

Batman (1940s) DC Comics Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Instead of just having color variants, he’s actually released three distinct Batman prints following the same basic structure. There’s “Batman: The Animated Series” based on the iconic cartoon show, “Batman (1940s)” based on Batman’s first appearance, and “Batman (Zur En Arrh)” with Bat-Mite based on the classic story from 1958 that was revisited by Grant Morrison in 2008 and included in current continuity.

Batman (Zur En Arrh) DC Comics Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Batman by Tom Whalen are 12”x36” signed and numbered screen prints. Batman: The Animated Series is limited to 275 pieces and will retail for $45, while the Batman (1940s) variant is limited to 275 pieces and will retail for $45 and the Batman (Zur En Arrh) variant is limited to 150 pieces and will retail for $45. All three prints and so much more will go on sale at a random time today, Tuesday, June 9th, at the Mondo online store.
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