Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kidrobot - Reindeer Dunny by Chuckboy

Kidrobot - 3 Inch Reindeer Dunny and Packaging by ChuckboyKidrobot’s 4th annual holiday 3 inch Dunny comes out today, and to be honest The Blot is not really feeling this year’s figure. Designed by Chuckboy, the 3” doe-eyed deviant Reindeer Dunny rewards nice kids with his removable bull whip and vinyl antlers. While the Dunny its self is just ok, the figure's accessories are awesome. What could have made this figure so much cooler is if the Reindeer had been flocked. Who wouldn’t want a cuddly, furry Reindeer to add to their Dunny collection!?!

Kidrobot - 3 Inch Reindeer Dunny by Chuckboy
The Reindeer Dunny is blind boxed and there are two variant figures for those of us lucky enough to find them. One of the chase figures has been confirmed to be a lighter colored Reindeer that comes with a spiked paddle that reads Santa backwards instead of the common figure’s bull whip. No news yet on the design of the extremely rare 3rd Reindeer chase figure.

Kidrobot - 3 Inch Reindeer Dunny by Chuckboy Front & Back
Each 3 inch Reindeer Dunny blind box retails for $9.95 and you can purchase one directly from Kidrobot’s online store here.
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