Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kidrobot - Santa Peecol by eBoy

Last week Kidrobot released the very first holiday themed Peecol. Designed by eBoy, the Santa Peecol doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice. Everyone better hide their toys and cookies and lock down the chimney when this Santa comes to town because he’s looking to start some trouble and steal some holiday cheer.

Kidrobot - Santa Peecol by eBoy
X-Factor #37 Cover Artwork featuring Jamie Maddrox the Multiple ManWhat I really want to know is how long Santa has been a fan of the X-Men? Or maybe it's eBoy that's a fan of Marvel Comics' preeminent team. Either way, there’s no other explanation The Blot could come up with as to why eBoy would so blatantly “model” the symbol on Santa’s chest after X-Force’s fearless leader Jamie Madrox's (a.k.a. the Multiple Man) signature logo.

X-Factor Artwork - Jamie Maddrox the Multiple Man and MonetMultiple Man has been sporting his unique chest emblem for decades (as you can see in the pictures here) and it look remarkably like the pattern on Santa’s red coat. Maybe there’s more to the story here…maybe Santa is really just one of Madrox’s dupes. That would explain how jolly old Saint Nick can be so many places at once. All Madrox would have to do is send out an army of duplicates every Christmas Eve to deliver presents to all the little boys and little girls across the globe.

Kidrobot - Santa Peecol and Package by eBoy
The Santa Peecol is 3.5 inches tall and retails for $9.95. You can purchase this holiday Peecol directly from Kidrobot here.
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