Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coraline Nike Dunk High Sneakers

Win Coraline Nike Dunk High Sneakers at Coraline.comThis is definitely one movie tie-in The Blot never expected to see. Earlier this month Neil Gaiman, author of the Coraline novel, announced the impending release of limited edition Coraline x Nike Dunk sneakers. (link) The Coraline Nike Dunk sneakers feature prominently the story’s trademark black buttons, what looks to be hand stitching along its seams and glow in the dark soles. But if you want to add a pair of the Coraline Nike Dunks to your sneaker collection, the odds are against you. These cool shoes are limited to just 1,000 pairs and you can only get your hands on a pair by winning them directly from Coraline.com.

Coraline Nike Dunk High Sneakers
If you click here you can head to the official Coraline website to find out more about the Coraline Nike Dunk sneaker contest. According to the stop animation movie’s website, there will be a secret password given after the film’s end credits that you can then enter online for a chance to win the coveted Coraline Dunks. No word yet on when fans can start entering the secret password, but I would assume it will start the same day the movie debuts in theaters, February 6, 2009.

Coraline Nike Dunk High Sneakers Special Edition Artist Pack Shoebox
So, make sure you go see Coraline in two weeks on opening weekend and don’t forget to stay through its end credits for a chance at winning some very cool Coraline apparel! Here’s hoping they made a few pairs in larger sizes so maybe The Blot can get his hands on a size 14.
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