Monday, March 11, 2013

Marvel x Obey Giant “Watch!” T-Shirt by Blair Campbell

Marvel Comics x Obey Giant The Watcher “Watch!” T-Shirt by Blair Campbell

Over the past two years Blair Campbell has really made his mark on many of the popular daily t-shirt websites with his awesome pop culture mash-up designs. His latest might be my all time favorite though! By combining Shepard Fairey’s signature Obey sticker with Marvel Comics' the Watcher, Blair’s designed a pretty awesome new t-shirt that can be worn by both comic book collectors and street art connoisseurs. Entitled “Watch!”, Blair’s replaced Obey’s now iconic Andre the Giant minimalistic stencil with that of the giant bald head of a Watcher. It’s hilarious and poignant all at the same time!

The Marvel x Obey Giant “Watch!” t-shirt by Blair Campbell can now be purchased through Blair’s Red Bubble online store in a variety of styles, colors and sizes starting at just $24.54.
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