Sunday, August 31, 2014

Urban Testament T-Shirt Collection Series 1

Urban Testament - Be The Black Sheep

Meet Urban Testament, a Dallas, Texas based streetwear brand The Blot was recently introduced to! They pride themselves on making detailed and limited edition pop culture and classic hip-hop inspired t-shirts that reflect the movements, ideals and ideologies of people that stepped away from the norm. Urban Testament clothing isn't about being different, but being yourself! Be the “Black Sheep” and just do you.

Urban Testament T-Shirt Collection Series 1 - URBN Logo, URBN Emblem, Varsity URBN & Rotten Apple

Urban Testament’s Series 1 T-Shirt Collection is a killer mix of type tees, classic logo shirts, and an urban take on some iconic graphic designs. I especially love their “Rotten Apple” and “Varsity URBN” designs. I’ve never wanted to be a black sheep before! For the launch of a new indie clothing brand this is a really well rounded first release, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this up and coming streetwear brand!

Urban Testament T-Shirt Collection Series 1 - Wake Up & Trouble Makers

Urban Testament T-Shirt Collection Series 1 includes six t-shirts in all, each available in sizes S-XL. Pick one up today at the Urban Testament online store for just $20 each.
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