Friday, October 19, 2007

Will Adam “Pacman” Jones Ever Disappear?

Adam Pacman JonesWow, I’m not even sure what to say about this latest development in the Pacman Jones-Las Vegas shooting incident. According to this article on Yahoo Sports, “Paralyzed Vegas club manager suing NFL, Tennessee Titans and suspended 'Pacman' Jones,” the victim is now suing the NFL and the Tennessee Titans because they claim if either organization had taken steps to punish The Pacman for previous offenses then the Las Vegas shooting would never have taken place. Seriously? That’s what they’re now trying to allege? Sure, I feel horrible for the victim here. No one deserves to ever have this happen to them, but come on. Are we now trying to hold employers accountable for their employees’ actions while off the clock?

There is no conceivable way to prove Jones was acting as an agent for the League or the Titans while he was in the club that night or in Las Vegas that weekend. I’m pretty sure no one in the NFL league offices or at the Tennessee Titans wanted Jones at that strip club or even in the state of Nevada much less Las Vegas. Trust me, even if Pacman had been punished more severely by the league prior to the NBA All-Star weekend, he still would have been invited to that club. All that would have been different is that he would have been billed as “Former NFL Star” instead of as “NFL Player” Adam Jones. This is the kind of frivolous lawsuits Pacman Jones in TNA Wrestlinggiving attorneys a bad name and turning the general public against the legal profession. It’s really just sad all around. I wish nothing but the best for the victims in this case and hope they find a way to get some financial relief from the perpetrators of this pointless crime, but I really think they are going about it the wrong way by including the NFL and the Titans in their lawsuit against Pacman.
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