Friday, November 16, 2007

The Blot On Strike With The WGA

Writers Guild of America (WGA)This is one of the cooler news items I’ve seen about the recent Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Both TV Squad and the New York Post are reporting that the casts of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock are each putting on separate stage versions of their shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York as a fundraiser for the WGA strike fund on November 17th and 19th. (SNL or 30 Rock) Since many members of both shows’ casts are both actors and writers, production on both shows has stopped for the foreseeable future.

30 RockThis is probably a good thing for SNL considering how bad its writing has been lately but is horrible for 30 Rock, which was riding high off their Emmy win for best comedy. Reportedly most of the casts for the two shows will be on hand for the stage version and SNL, as is tradition, will even have a host: Michael Cera from Arrested Development and Superbad. The titles of the show are creatively Saturday Night Live – On Strike! and 30 Rock – On Strike! and tickets are a pretty cheap $20 each.

Saturday Night LiveThis sounds like a pretty cool, once in a lifetime experience for TV fans and I’d recommend any readers in NYC to check it out…if tickets were still available. It sounds like the SNL show is already sold out, but according to the Upright Citizens Brigade website, limited tickets to the 30 Rock show will be available the day of the show. I’m interested in seeing how they pull this off and whether or not clips of the shows make it to YouTube. If so I’ll post them on here for everyone to check out.

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