Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lost Wednesdays

The Blot’s happy to report “Lost Wednesdays” will be a short one this week. If you’re into spoilers and want to find out some good background info on what’s coming up over the next few episodes and, in a broader sense, seasons to come, check out’s spoiler-riffic article Lost: Mind-Blowing Scoop From Its Producers by Doc Jensen.

If you’re someone who’s a spoiler-phobe let The Blot give you a quick reminder to stay away from this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. It includes some of the same tidbits from the aforementioned Lost article in its News + Notes section at the front of the magazine. Not only did they not put a spoiler warning in the beginning of the article “Lost Creators: Isle Be There For You,” they included a picture that pretty much is a spoiler in and of itself.

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello
And lastly, there’s been a recent update as to the scheduled airing dates of new episodes of Lost. According to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello in his weekly segment Ask Ausiello (for the week of Wednesday, February 27, 2008), ABC has decided to go back to their original plan of ending “the current, pre-strike arc with Episode 8, not 7 as was the original plan.” (link)

Therefore, according to Ausiello the remaining 9 episodes of Lost Season 4 should air accordingly:

Episode 5 - February 28th
Episode 6 - March 6th
Episode 7 - March 13th
Episode 8 - March 20th
Episode 9 - April 24th
Episode 10 - May 1st
Episode 11 - May 8th
Episode 12 - May 15th
Episode 13 (Season Finale) - May 22nd

Oh yeah, The Blot’s heading out Thursday night to the Matchbox Twenty Exile In America concert with Alanis Morissette and Mute Math, so this week’s Sawyer-ism and Lost episode review might be a little late depending on when I get a chance to watch this week’s episode "The Constant." Look for either a concert review or an episode review this Friday.
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