Monday, March 3, 2008

little people BIG WORLD Returns Tonight

little people, BIG WORLD
The Roloff Family at homeJust a quick reminder that the Season 5 of little people BIG WORLD debuts tonight, March 3rd, on TLC at 8/7 central. As I wrote about last month, this season follows the arrest and subsequent drunk driving trial of Matt Roloff, so it should be a really good one. I’m interested in seeing how the trial and media scrutiny of Mr. Roloff affects the rest of his family as they try to go on with their lives. At first I thought there would be a huge backlash against Roloff due to the arrest, but it seems to have sparked even more interest in the show. I do think the trial ending with an acquittal before Season 5’s debut will damper some of that interest though, and definitely lesson the impact this emotional ordeal the Roloffs are going through has on the show’s television audience.
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