Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lost Wednesdays

Lost - Jack and SayidIt’s Wednesday so you know what time it is…its time for the weekly installment of The Blot Says…’ Lost Wednesdays. I’ve got a couple of links for you guys to check out, but first some shocking news from the folks at Nielsen. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that while “critics and fans are praising this season of ABC’s Lost…ratings continue to erode.” (link) Shockingly last week’s episode "The Constant" hit a season low 12.9 million viewers which comes to a 5.4 rating. What’s even crazier is that ABC came in third place for the night being slightly edged out of second place by CBS with Survivor: Micronesia pulling in 14.6 million viewers for a 4.2 market share. The lower share with higher viewers is because it was going against the ratings juggernaut of the American Idol results show which pulled in 25.9 million viewers for a 9.1 rating. This is pretty disappointing since Lost has been on a creative high all season and I thought the show was really gaining momentum among viewers. Hopefully the show’s new timeslot behind Grey’s Anatomy will help to correct this downturn in viewership.

If you want some spoilers and hints of what’s to come then keep on reading. If not I’d skip the rest of this post.

The Cast of Lost - Season 3
According to TV Squad, we will be finding out very soon whether or not Juliet is one of the famed Oceanic Six. Also be on the look out for one of The Blot’s favorite member of The Others as Richard Alpert (actor Nestor Carbonell) is set to return to the island once Lost returns with new episodes at the end of April due to Carbonell’s availability now that CBS’ Caine has ended production. (link) The last bit of really interesting information coming out of TV Squad’s Official Lost Podcast report is concerning the playing card memory game Daniel and Charlotte were playing at the beginning of “Eggtown” two weeks ago. According to Carlton Cuse they were “testing to see if the island affects memory.” (link) Cuse conjectured that since the Losties do not appear to be having memory issues “that its possible that Daniel sustained a head injury on the way to the island, and its even more likely that he had a pre-existing condition before coming there.” (link)

And finally, TV Guide has a really cool article by Shawna Malcom in which Lost cast members were given the opportunity to ask publicly co-Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse questions about what’s in store for the rest of this season and to clear up some things we’ve seen in previous Flash Forwards. It’s a unique way to get some clarity on Lost and sheds a ton of light on what’s coming up in the lives of our favorite Losties. But if you don’t like knowing spoilers I’d stay far away from Malcom’s Lost: The Cast’s Burning Questions Answered!
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