Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daniel Johnston’s Jeremiah, The Frog Of Innocence Vinyl Figure

Daniel JohnstonDaniel Johnston, the eccentric Texas singer/songwriter/artist and subject of the 2006 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnson, has crossed over from music into the designer toy market. At Arms will be releasing a limited edition vinyl figure of Daniel Johnston’s iconic character Jeremiah, the Frog of Innocence in five unique colors (Green, Yellow, White, Pink and a still undisclosed color).

Daniel Johnston - Jeremiah The Frog Of Innocence Figures
For those of you who have had the opportunity to live in Austin, TX you might recognize the famous mural Johnston created featuring Jeremiah and the title of the album Jeremiah was featured on Hi How Are You? on the old Sound Exchange building on Guadeloupe across from the University of Texas campus. The album cover has also been featured on t-shirts for many years. The Hi How Are You? t-shirts were popularized in the 90’s by Kurt Cobain who often performed and was photographed wearing the Jeremiah, the Frog of Innocence shirt.

Daniel Johnston's Jeremiah, The Frog Of Innocence Murel in Austin, TX
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