Thursday, April 3, 2008

The New Kids On The Block Are Back

And millions of children from the 80’s sit stunned. Yes, the headline you read is not a hoax, the New Kids on the Block are reuniting and even possibly going on tour to promote a new album (or maybe just a greatest hits album with 1-6 new songs). To be honest, no one is quite sure what is going, but it seems that NKOTB are officially getting the band back together. For more confirmation on the reunion just take a look at a recently released photo of the band below:

New Kids On The Block in 2008
The rumor circulating around the web is that the reunion and possible tour could be to “celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their mega-hit album Hangin’ Tough” in conjunction with a re-release of the album with additional bonus material (similar to what Michael Jackson did earlier this year with the release of a 25th anniversary edition of Thriller). (link)

New Kids On The Block 2008 logo
According to the newly redesigned we are sure to know more come Friday morning. This is because if you go the official New Kids on the Block website you’ll notice a clock counting countdown to Friday, April 4th at 7 AM EST. It has been confirmed by that the clock is counting down to the band's scheduled reunion on the hit NBC morning show Today. According to People’s source, “all five original New Kids on the Block members – Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight – will appear together in the morning show’s courtyard on April 4.” (link)

I am still a little shocked, so please forgive me for going a little speechless here. Last night I commented to Al how I was surprised there was enough interest to garner a New Kids on the Block reunion, to which she replied I hope you know we’re 100% going. I guess I spoke too soon. I will say I’d much rather go to a NKOTB reunion show than the joke of a reunion tour the Backstreet Boys are trying to get going. I guess I need to start getting together my sweetest 80’s gear for an upcoming show. The only question is who do I make a poster for, Donnie or Joey?
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