Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Tropic Thunder Character Movie Posters

You know, I really can’t tell if this movie is going to be hilarious or another Ben Stiller/Jack Black bomb. Their careers have been so up and down. For every one or two classic comedies they make there is sure to be a complete disaster of a film coming soon after. The premise for Tropic Thunder sounds promising, but would it surprise anyone if the movie was just plain not funny?

Tropic Thunder
Here’s hoping the movie, which debuts August 15th, 2008, is as funny as these movie posters look. Check out Tropic Thunder’s character movie posters below. I’m really interested in seeing how they handle Robert Downey, Jr.’s character who is a white character actor playing an African American soldier in the movie within the movie that is Tropic Thunder.

Tropic Thunder Character Movie Poster - Ben Stiller
Tropic Thunder Character Movie Poster - Jack Black
Tropic Thunder Character Movie Poster - Robert Downey, Jr.
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