Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 2

Ok, so we finally have some clarification on the upcoming Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs line. Wave 1 should be hitting stores at some point this month and include three figures, Indiana Jones, Mola Ram and Cairo Swordsman. The newly announced Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 2 (see below) will be released sometime in September 2008 and will include four figures (three of which are brand new figures).

Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 1 - Mola Ram, Cairo Swordsman & Indiana Jones
This second wave of figures will include the previously released Indiana Jones Mighty Mugg, the previously revealed Monkey Man and Professor Jones Mighty Muggs and one never before seen figure. Yes, that’s right, we now have picture confirmation of a Mutt Williams Mighty Mugg straight from the summer blockbuster hit Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. To see Shia LaBeouf in all his Mighty Muggs glory, check out the picture below. The vinyl figure can also double as a Sam Witwicky Transformers Mighty Mugg.

Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 2 - Indiana Jones, Monkey Man, Mutt Williams & Professor Jones
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