Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kidorobot Tokidoki 8 Inch Dunny

Tomorrow, Thursday July 24th, sees the SDCC Release of Kidrobot’s Tokidoki 8 inch Dunny. This figure’s description is really a scam though because the figure is not a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive at all, it is just being launched at SDCC. The $50.00 figure will also be available tomorrow online at the store and possibly brick and mortar stores around the country.

Kidrobot - Tokidoki 8 Inch Dunny San Diego Comic-Con Release
Kidrobot - Tokidoki 8 Inch Dunny BackI really don’t care for Tokidoki’s style, but it is hard to argue against the brand’s huge popularity. Tokidoki products seem to be eveywhere these days and the brand keeps expanding from toys, plushes and clothing to now including things such as soccer balls and skate decks. This 8” Tokidoki Dunny is a “pizza-adoring Dunny with a Moofia face and ADIOS’s Italians alter ego on the back.” (link) If you’re at SDCC 2008 this weekend you can stop by the Tokidoki booth all weekend or the Kidrobot booth #4529 on Sunday, July 27th from 11am-2pm and have Kidrobot’s latest 8” Dunny autographed by Tokidoki’s own Simone Legno.

Kidrobot - Tokidoki 8 Inch Dunny with Package
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