Thursday, July 10, 2008

Showtime Greenlights The Exterminators From DC Comics/Vertigo

The Exterminators Vol. 1 CoverTo be honest, I’ve never read an issue of DC Comics’ The Exterminators, which is published by DC imprint Vertigo. But I thought it was really cool when I read on The Hollywood Reporter yesterday that Showtime had agreed to produce a drama based on the Mature Readers title. (link) The Exterminators, written by Simon Oliver and art by Tony Moore, “follows the dysfunctional adventures of exterminator Henry James and his freakish supporting cast as they take on the cruel chaos of nature in the dirty corners of Los Angeles – only to stumble upon a secret that could well reverse the positions of exterminator and pest!” (link)

It was interesting to learn that Oliver’s original idea for the comic came from a failed TV pitch, so I guess it is more than a little ironic that the comic has now been picked up as a TV show. describes the Showtime version of The Exterminators as “Six Feet Under in the world of pest control,” with the show revolving “around the Bug-Be-Gone crew, an extended dysfunctional family of exterminators whose greatest enemies aren’t the insects and rodents they meet and kill on a daily basis but rather their own self doubts, vices and inner demons.” (link)

The Exterminators actually sounds pretty interesting, and while I always love to see how networks translate a comic into a flesh and blood television show, I’ll be waiting for this one to come out on DVD. I mean come on, who subscribes to Showtime anyway!?! I’m joking Dexter fans!

If you’re interested in reading Issue 1 of The Exterminators for free, you can download a PDF version of the comic from Vertigo/DC Comics here.
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