Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TNA Wrestling Victory Road PPV - A Real Letdown Of A Main Event

I was planning on posting this yesterday, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write about the TNA Wrestling event. It wasn’t that the Pay-Per-View was bad, because to be honest I thought the majority of the matches were actually pretty good. But, the fact that the TNA writers decided to end the night on such a horrible note and turn the main event into a complete mess was the real disappointment.

TNA Wrestling - Victory Road 08 Pay-Per-View
TNA Wrestling - The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa JoeIf you didn’t know already, the Main event between TNA World Champion Samoa Joe and Houstonian Booker T ended in an unfulfilling draw. The audience in the arena that night was made up of probably 80% Booker T fans, and the impression I got was most of them were only in attendance to support their local hero. Unfortunately for all of us, TNA saw this as an opportunity to plan a cop out of an ending, which left a bad taste in the mouths of most of the Houston wrestling fans in attendance.

King Booker T and Queen SharmellAs I initially thought about what I wanted to say about last Sunday’s Victory Road, I felt like I was being too hard on the organization. That is until I read Richard Gray’s reaction to Victory Road on where he called it one of the worst PPVs of the year. I just think it would have been a perfect opportunity for TNA to have Samoa Joe, a wrestler many feel doesn’t have the physique or wrestling style to be the face of an organization, drop the Championship belt and start an intense rivalry between Booker T and wrestling legend Sting. Instead we were left with a Sting/Joe/Booker three-way in our future and all of the Houston fans booing as they left the arena. Talk about leaving your fans angry, which is definitely not the best way to end a Pay-Per-View. It’s also not the best first impression to leave on a very pro professional wrestling city like Houston.

It’s unfortunate because TNA is a great wrestling organization with some really promising young wrestlers whom the company seems to be poorly mismanaging. Hopefully TNA will be able to get their act together and straighten the ship before it’s too late and they alienate their small but loyal fan base. If you are interested in a match by match review of TNA’s Victory Road PPV click here.
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