Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Was Stephon Marbury Thinking!?!

If you haven’t heard already, the NBA’s most overrated point guard, Stephon Marbury, decided to get the logo of his sneaker, the Starbury, tattooed on his temple. Look, I’m all for capitalism, but who has a logo tattooed on their face!??! I don’t care if the sneaker is named after his horrible nickname of Starbury, a 31 year old multi-millionaire just doesn’t need to be shilling for his kicks that badly.

Stephon Marbury Showing Off His New Starbury Logo Tattoo
The Starbury Sneaker by Stephon MarburyOn the other hand, Marbury should be commended for what he’s done with his line of Starbury sneakers. He released a “designer” shoe named after a legit NBA player at an affordable price (all footwear is $15 or less), so that under-privileged kids never have to be ashamed of their sneakers. Marbury has teamed up with retailer Steve & Barry’s in this endeavor, which gives the sportswear chain the exclusive right to sell the Starbury line of footwear. It really is an amazing business model created by Marbury and he should be commended for it. But I still can’t get over his decision to adorn his face with the company’s logo. Could you imagine if MJ had tattooed Nike’s Jumpman on his face!?!
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