Thursday, August 14, 2008

EA Sports x Reebok - Madden 20th Anniversary Recline PH Sneakers

With the release of Madden NFL ‘09 this week I thought I’d spotlight a sweet new collaboration from Reebok honoring the hit video game’s 20th anniversary. No details are known yet about this extremely limited edition shoe’s release or price, but I am sure this will be an extremely popular sneaker for both football fans and video game aficionados.

EA Sports x Reebok - Madden 20th Anniversary Recline PH Sneakers
Madden NFL Football 2009 Cover Featuring Brett Favre by EA SportsThe coolest part of this shoe is that it includes a collage of Madden Football video game covers on its outer shell. I just hope the Madden cover jinx doesn’t affect wearers of these sneakers like it has the professional athletes who adorn its covers. This year’s cover features the immortal Brett Favre in his Green Bay Packers jersey. At first this seemed like a smart way for EA to avoid talk of the dreaded cover jinx, and yet now it seems to have already struck and we didn’t even realize it.

Could the Madden cover jinx be behind all of the problems between Favre and Green Bay? I’m inclined to think so. Because while Favre is not hurt yet, he is now wearing a Jets jersey and what could be worse than that? I’m kidding Jets fans! Either way if I was a New York Jets fan I’d be really worried about my new starting QB now that he’s on the cover of Madden ’09.
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