Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barneyism of the Week - How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere

It’s not sweet. It’s…it’s like a disease.

I slept with Robin one time and I caught feelings.

I caught feelings bad. I used protection and everything.

How I Met Your Mother - Barney and Robin In Bed The Morning After Sleeping Together

- Barney Stinson

"Do I Know You?"

How I Met Your Mother

The great Barney Stinson is back! Did everyone catch How I Met Your Mother last night? It was a pretty great all around episode that highlighted all of the show’s five main characters. As I think about last night’s show I can’t even pin point my favorite part. Was it the Star Wars test that Ted and Marshall put Stella through? Or was it Robin’s hilarious lines at dinner with Barney? I guess I’m going to have to go with Robin as Barney’s wing woman. She really does fit the role so well, doesn’t she? I have a feeling this isn’t the end of the Barney/Robin love affair. I’m glad to see HIMYM has picked up right where they left off and is still bringing the funny.

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