Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Dark Knight Surpasses The $500 Million Mark

Batman Poster by Jim LeeThe Dark Knight has now officially passed the $500 million plateau in domestic box office grosses, becoming just the second movie in Hollywood history to do so. This is a pretty huge statistic in that no other movie, besides Titanic, has ever brought in this much money in the U.S. It is safe to say that The Dark Knight has no chance at catching Titanic’s $600.8 million domestic gross, but second place isn’t a bad place to be. As of Sunday, The Dark Knight has brought in $502.4 million.

The Dark Knight - Batman on Batpod Theatrical Banner
Batman and Nightwing Poster by Jim LeeWhile the numbers for the latest Batman film are staggering, they are also a little misleading. If you factor in ticket price inflation or look strictly at the amount of tickets sold, which in my opinion is the most important statistic of them all, The Dark Knight falls down in the rankings significantly. Regardless, grossing over $500 million in the United States alone is a huge achievement and says a lot about the quality of Christopher Nolan’s Batman opus. What's unfortunate is that Heath Ledger is no longer here to appreciate it. I cannot image the pressure now on Warner Brothers, Nolan and Christian Bale to come up with something even more amazing for their third Batman movie. How can you possibly top The Dark Knight!?!
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