Thursday, October 30, 2008

Huck Gee - The Moonrise Rooftops Print and AP 3 Inch Golden Ticket Dunny

As a companion piece to the Sunset Rooftops print released two weeks ago, the Moonrise Rooftops print features Huck Gee character Raku and takes place just a few hours after we last saw the Red Hand Gang and the Golden Claw. All that is left is a trail of destruction across the city’s rooftops and the city guard’s air division is out in full force hunting down the fugitives. Something is afoot and Raku knows it.

Huck Gee's New Gold Life Print - The Moonrise Rooftops
(click on the photo above for a more detailed look)

The Moonrise Rooftops print, another beautiful addition to the Gold Life series, is gold embossed, numbered and signed with a limited edition print run of 80 pieces. Each print is printed on thick 12”x24” (plus 1” border on all sides) 100% cotton duck canvas (409gsm). Similarly priced to the Sunset Rooftops print at $80 each, The Blot wishes everyone good luck at trying to get one of these very cool prints when they go on sale Friday, October 31st at Noon PDT at Huck Gee’s eBay store.

Also going on sale at the same date and time as the print is Huck’s original Golden Ticket Dunnys Artist Proofs from Series 5. Due to a Kidrobot mishap, the original Golden Ticket 3” Dunnys were distributed with the regular series Dunnys, so a new colorway is in the works for everyone who was lucky enough to find a S5 Golden Ticket. For the rest of us hoping to get one of the original Grandfather Dunnys here is your best shot!

Kidrobot - Original Series 5 Golden Ticket Dunny - The Grandfather Dunny by Huck Gee
There are 25 APs of the Grandfather “original Golden Ticket” Dunnys and each comes signed and numbered. If your internet is quick enough to get one, you can purchase a GT AP for $100 each.
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