Thursday, October 2, 2008

Robin the Boy Wonder and Superman to Team Up on The CW

Now this announcement has The Blot all kinds of excited. According to a Variety report, “the CW is prepping a series based on Batman sidekick Robin’s pre-Caped Crusader days” entitled The Graysons. (link) In the same vein as The CW’s Smallville, The Graysons will be a live action television show based loosely on the DC Comics.

DC Comics - Batman and Dick Grayson as Robin and Nightwing
DC Comics - Dick Grayson as RobinAccording to reports, “just as Smallville focused on Clark Kent in the years before he became Superman, The Graysons will follow the world of Dick "DJ" Grayson before he takes on the iconic Robin identity and aligns himself with Batman.” (link) While I’ve never been too interested in watching Smallville (except for the Justice League episodes), Robin (Richard “Dick” Grayson) has always been one of my favorite super heroes, even after he left Batman’s side to grow up and become Nightwing. It also makes me happy to see Warner Bros. finally create a project featuring one of DC Comics’ super heroes that isn’t named Superman or Batman.

DC Comics - Dick Grayson as NightwingEvidently The Graysons will be a one-hour show, “which will be set in modern times, young DJ will face challenges involving first loves, young rivals and his family as he grows up.” (link) I can’t even explain what great news this is. Even if the show totally screws with Dick’s official back story, at least Warner Bros. is making an attempt to utilize the huge stable of characters at their disposal, something Marvel Comics has been doing exceptionally well these past few years.

Expect more details to come as they become available!
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