Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Texas Longhorns Destroy Missouri and Claim #1 Spot In The BCS Poll

The Blot attended his first and sadly only Texas home game last Saturday to see the number 1 ranked Texas Longhorns take on the number 11 ranked Missouri Tigers. I have to say it was the loudest I have ever seen DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in the past 10 years. I can’t even explain how fun it was, especially the first half where the Horns could do no wrong. The additions to the stadium are really nice and I have to think enclosing the north side has a little to do with the new found loudness of the stadium. It also didn’t hurt that this was the first home game the horns have played as the number 1 ranked team in the country since 1977.

Foreshadowing? Texas Longhorns QB Colt McCoy gives a Missouri defender the Heisman pose
Texas Longhorns RB Chris Ogbonnaya Running Through Missouri DefendersAfter taking a sick 35-3 lead into half time, the second half was not quite as exciting. But, it was a solid quality win at home and our secondary looked outstanding. I am finally starting to believe the hype and can’t even begin to describe how great quarterback Colt McCoy looked. If that guy doesn’t win the Heisman the voters need to have their heads examined. He may not have the same outlandish touchdown numbers as other QBs, but his completion percentage and the way he leads the team are unmatched by any other player in the country.

Derek Jeter and the University of Texas Cheerleaders at the Texas Longhorns vs. Missouri Tigers Football GameOn a side note it is very rewarding to have Texas ranked #1 in the first BCS poll of the year. It’s the first time the team has ever controlled their own destiny and with a number one ranking in the USA Today Coaches poll, Harris poll and all six computer polls, Texas is in good shape if they can continue to win. It is arguable that even with a loss the team could still somehow remain in the top 2 and their second shot at a national championship in the past four years.

The 2008 BCS Rankings - Week 1
Derek Jeter and Roger Clemens on the Sideline of the Texas Longhorns vs. Missouri Tigers Football GameThe one stat that everyone keeps pointing to that just seems ridiculous to me is how many teams that are ranked #1 in the first BCS poll make it to the championship game and from that small number how many actually win the game. This is such an ESPN made up statistic. Yes the number is staggeringly low, but there is one big reason why. Up until two years ago the BCS poll came out the first week of the season. After conferences realized how unfair this was to teams who started out ranked low but ended up with amazing seasons, the BCS wisely made changed to now wait to come out with their first poll of the year until after week 7 of the season.

Texas Longhorns Running Back Chris Ogbonnaya Scores a Hard Faught Rushing Touchdown on the Missouri Tigers
That’s why in the past two or three years the first team ranked 1 has been more likely to make it to the championship game while in the first 10 years that wasn’t the case. Can you imagine how many teams would have been ranked #1 in the BCS poll just this year alone if they had started the poll after week one? Needless to say there are way too many games still left to play to worry about booking a flight to Miami for the 2009 BCS Championship Game, but a fan can dream right?
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