Monday, October 20, 2008

Two New Punisher: War Zone Promo Movie Posters

Here are two all new promotional movie posters for the upcoming Marvel Comics movie Punisher: War Zone. I am starting to worry there is no substance to this retelling of Frank Castle’s story because all we ever see are the same four photos of Ray Stevenson as The Punisher. I’m not saying I need anything fancy, but I am getting board of seeing Stevenson pose with a gun. I think it's time we finally get our first photo of Dominic West as the villainous Jigsaw.

Punisher: War Zone Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster
Along with the two new theatrical one-sheet movie posters for Punisher: War Zone, the movie has also recently re-launched its website with all new graphics and material including photos, downloads and trailers. The site is much improved and more interactive than the film’s original website, and is definitely worth browsing around if you have some time to kill. You can find the official Punisher: War Zone movie website here.

Punisher: War Zone Promo Movie Poster
Punisher: War Zone is set to debut in theaters on December 5, 2008.
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