Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lost - Diamond Exclusive 100% Dharma Be@rbrick Figure

Last week The Blot mentioned tonight’s exclusive launch party of the Be@rbrick and Kubrick Lost collection hosted by Medicom Toy Japan, Diamond Comic Distributers and Meltdown Comics. Besides the great opportunity to have your Lost Be@rbrick and Kubrick designer vinyl figures autographed by the show’s creators, executive producers and writers, fans can also purchase an exclusive Lost/Meltdown event Be@rbrick.

Metltdown Comics Exclusive Lost Kubrick and Be@rbrick Launch Party
I just found out the exclusive Be@rbrick in question is a limited edition Diamond Comic Distributers exclusive 100% Dharma Be@rbrick. The 100% Dharma Be@rbrick is not only a smaller version of the previously released 400% Dharma Be@rbrick, but also much more rare. The Diamond exclusive 100% Dharma Be@rbrick has a limited run of only 1,000 figures.

Lost - Diamond Exclusive 100% Dharma Be@rbrick Vinyl Figure
The figure retails for $15 each and can be purchased while supplies last directly from Meltdown Comics here. Act fast though because Meltdown expects their allotment of the limited edition Lost Be@rbricks to sell out at tonight’s Lost Kubrick/Be@rbrick world premiere party.
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