Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lost Wednesdays - Official Season 5 Poster

We are just a mere few weeks away from the season premiere of Lost’s fifth season, and The Blot’s anticipation has been growing significantly day by day. These little teaser promos ABC has been putting out isn’t helping either, they are just making it worse. I need a Lost fix and I need it now! Since nothing can help me until Lost returns on Wednesday, January 21st at 8/7c, maybe this will help you. It is the official Lost Season 5 television poster and it is awesome.

Destiny Calls - Lost Season 5 Television Poster
This season's theme appears to be "Destiny Calls," and so far the show's marketing has done a great job driving that premise home. I especially love the poster’s imagery of the division between the Oceanic 6 and the Losties still trapped on the island. One useful piece of information we can gather from the Lost Season 5 TV poster above is that it looks like Daniel Faraday’s (actor Jeremy Davies) life boat did in fact make it back to the island before it disappeared in Season 4’s final episode. So at least we’ll be seeing more of Faraday’s crazy scientific experiments next season. But where is Frank Lapidus in all this Lost craziness and why was he left off the poster!?! We need more Frank!

And for everyone who has been enjoying The Fray’s new single “You Found Me” in the official Lost trailer, ABC and iTunes have made the song’s new Lost-centric music video available for free download. Head over to iTunes and look up Lost Season 5 or click here to download The Fray’s Lost music video for their first single, “You Found Me” off their upcoming self-titled sophomore album The Fray due in stores on February 3, 2009.
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