Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 6 - The X-Men

The Blot has been wondering for months why none of Marvel’s merry mutants other than Wolverine have been included in any of Hasbro’s previously released Marvel Mighty Muggs waves. Thankfully Hasbro has finally unleashed X-Men Mighty Muggs on the world with its Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 6. I’m not really feeling Sabretooth’s head (his face looks kind of weird) and it’s been too many years since Scott Summers has worn his original Cyclops uniform to deserve a figure, but over all Wave 6 is pretty solid. We finally get a new Wolverine colorway, this time an out of uniform Logan Mighty Mugg, and who could complain about Jean Grey as the good Phoenix.

Marvel Legends Mighty Muggs Wave 6 - Sabretooth, Phoenix (Jean Grey), Logan (Wolverine) & Cyclops
On a side note, it looks like Hasbro is raising the price of Mighty Muggs again with multiple retailers pre-selling Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 6 as a four figure set for between $50-60. You can expect Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 6 to hit store shelves sometime in February or March of 2009.
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