Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WALL•E 100% Be@rbrick 2 Figure Set

The Blot still hasn’t seen WALL•E yet, and I don’t see myself watching it anytime soon. Ever since I saw (and was subsequently disappointed by) The Incredibles back in 2004 I have completely fallen off the Pixar Animation/Disney bandwagon. But, critics everywhere are singing the praise of WALL•E and some are even going so far as to say it should be nominated for the Oscar for Best Motion Picture and not just the Oscar for Best Animated Film, which is really saying something.

WALL•E by Disney/Pixar - WALL•E and EVE
For all the WALL•E fans out there who actually went to see the movie, Medicom Toy is releasing a brand new two figure WALL•E 100% Be@rbrick set which includes a WALL•E Be@rbrick and an EVE Be@rbrick. I think Medicom did another great Be@rbrick movie tie-in with these figures and I am sure Disney/Pixar fans worldwide will be scrambling to get their hands on these cute little figures.

The WALL·E 100% Be@rbrick Set - WALL·E and EVE Be@rbricks
The WALL•E Be@rbrick two figure set includes one 100% WALL•E Be@rbrick figure and one 100% EVE Be@rbrick figure, and the set will retail for around $25-30. Fans can expect the WALL•E 100% Be@rbrick Set to be released sometime in 2009, but no exact date has been announced yet.
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