Friday, January 30, 2009

Cadence Weapon - Separation Anxiety Mixtape

Cadence WeaponThe Blot hasn’t done a Free Music Friday post in a while, but that’s mainly because there hadn’t been a really great free release to talk about. That changed this week when The Blot’s favorite Canadian indie rapper Cadence Weapon released his Separation Anxiety mixtape. Now I have to warn you that this isn’t a purely free release, it actually follows the Radiohead model where fans are allowed to name their own price to download the album. So you have the option of donating as much or as little as you want to hear a really talented artist’s music.

Separation Anxiety features 20 new Cadence Weapon tracks, remixes and collaborations, and can be downloaded here. And, if you dig the album make sure you go back and donate a little something to help an up and coming artist hit the big time!

Cadence Weapon - Separation Anxiety Mixtape Album Cover
Cadence Weapon and Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett)I’ve never had the opportunity to see Cadence Weapon perform live, but I’ve listened to his debut album Breaking Kayfabe a ton and really enjoy it. Plus he went on tour with The Blot’s favorite Canadian indie violinist Final Fantasy (a.k.a. Owen Pallett), so you know he has a great appreciation for all types of music. If you can find a bootleg of the 2007 CBC Radio performance where Cadence and Final Fantasy perform in concert together it’s a must download!

The radio performance included a 6 song set (three Cadence Weapon songs and three Final Fantasy songs) featuring the two Canadian indie artists blending their very unique styles in a really fresh way. Let me just tell you, this bootleg was in heavy rotation on The Blot's iPod for a really long time. Needless to say, The Blot expects some really big things from Cadence Weapon in the very near future.
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